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A bit MORE about Lauren


I picked up my first professional camera during an art class at school when my teacher wanted to “see what I could do” and I haven’t put one down since. I went on to study photographic arts in university and all these years later I still get ridiculously excited to learn everything new that the medium comes up with and use my creativity to come up with images that represent people's personalities.

I really do adore human beings, throughout my photographic life they have always been my subject. About ten years ago I found my true passion: people in love.

I absolutely love getting to know people and make friends pretty much everywhere I go, this really comes in handy on your wedding day and I have been told more times than I can count that my client's and their guests have felt like I was part of the family. This helps me get beautifully emotive candid photos throughout your day without being intrusive or making anyone feel uncomfortable that there is a camera around.


Lauren Marchant London Wedding Photography

My passion for getting to know people fuels my approach to wedding photography and particularly my couple portraits. A lot of your gallery will be filled with organic moments captured candidly and my aim when it comes to taking your couple portraits is for these images to feel equally as authentic to who you are.


I won't be asking you to pose awkwardly or do anything that feels like it just isn't you. Rather I will use my creative mind (which never stops whirling) to come up with ideas that showcase your love story. No two couples are the alike. 


That being said one part of your wedding photography experience with me will always be same: it will be fun! My aim is to take you from maybe thinking you feel awkward in front of the camera to telling me that you had no idea having your photo taken would be such a laugh.


Photography shouldn't take time away from your wedding day, it should add to it and be a part of the day you think back on with a huge smile on your face.

You’re still here! A little more about me then...


o   My spirit animal is a rabbit

o   I am part of the LGBTQ+ community

o   My favourite music is drum & bass 

o   I adore festivals and think we should all live in one all the time

o   My favourite food is broccoli

o   I absolutely cannot accept that Cuppa Chups are actually pronounced “Choopa Choops”

o I have an 11 year old daughter who is the reason I started my business

o   I collect vintage film cameras

o   I love sheep, and they seem to love me too, who knows

o   I LOVE to dance and will definitely be doing so at your wedding

o I adore nice whisky, espresso martinis and any and all things cheese

o My style goes from alternative to my oodie and slippers, there's no in between.

READY for me 
to be your professional 

Lauren Marchant London Wedding Photography
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